Sunday, October 2, 2016

QHHT session with NIna - Life at the bottom of the ocean / Violet Flame healing of cancer

Nina is a lovely lady from Poland who suffered a colon cancer and had to have an operation resulting in a stoma bag. She wanted to have a session to make sure that cancer doesn’t return and she was convinced that the QHHT session would do that for her.  Her English wasn’t so good and she asked if her friend could be present during the session to help with any translations if needed. It was all experimental and I wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but it worked quite well. Maybe due to the fact that her friend Aldona had a very successful session with me few days earlier where she also received a wonderful healing. As it appears, we didn’t need Aldona’s help as Nina understood everything and was able to communicate.
As I took her into the trance state, she experienced her special place to be a cave where there were lots of candles but she couldn’t see anything more than that so I proceeded with the full induction.
It appeared that Nina spent her lifetime at the bottom of the ocean. We couldn’t establish what she has been but we know she wasn’t able to move or go anywhere and she also couldn’t see what she was but she was very comfortable. It could have been that she has been experiencing herself just as a solid rock.

A: What can you see as you come off the cloud?

N: I see only black clouds. It’s very dark. I don’t see anything, it’s just black.
I moved her through the darkness and suggested that she moves through a window…
N: It’s like a tunnel. I can’t see anything. It’s just dark.
I move her further through the darkness and let her imagine she’s diving through the water and towards the surface. As soon as I mentioned water she confirmed that she is, in fact, in the water.
A: Are you swimming to the surface now?
N: It still feels like I’m under the water.
I give her suggestions that she can still move and breathe under the water..
N: I don’t feel cold. I feel comfortable.
N: The water is very deep where I am. I want to stay here. I’m all the way at the bottom looking upwards. It’s just water around me. It’s just blue and dark. I don’t feel anything. I just am. I’m in the ocean. I’m not part of the water, I’m just me.

 A: And do you feel physically?
N: My head is very heavy and I have a headache.
I give her suggestions that headache sometimes means that we are receiving information that we need, that we can use later.
N: It feels like a pressure from both sides.
I give her suggestions that she will keep receiving information that she needs that will help her later in her life. I introduce Violet Flame to her and ask her if she would like to be healed by Violet Flame. She said yes. I continued to invoke Violet Flame and asked for transformation and healing of her entire body and mind. I also give instructions that the healing will continue every night, as she is asleep and also that she will be more connected to her subconscious mind and get all the answers by connecting and following her intuition. 
N: I feel tingling in my body; in my hands, in my feet and my bottom part.
I give her instructions how to get herself into this same state of relaxation and healing in the future and I ask her if she is ready to come out of the trance. She confirmed.
Sometimes it’s difficult for some people to see and visualize but that doesn’t mean they do not have the experience or receive what they need to receive, including healing of the body.
Nina has notified me few weeks later when she went for her regular cancer test that she is clear. Today, after two years since this session, she is still clear of cancer. She’s happy and most grateful.

Qhht session with Nessa - healing of fibromyalgia, restoring her hearing and helping with arthritis in the hips / jumping through many lifetimes

Nessa is a quiet little lady who came to me with some family problems and a few of the physical problems. She bravely managed to climb two floors of stairs up to the flat where I lived at the time, with her crutches that helped her walk as she had arthritis in her hips. She also suffered from fibromyalgia and she was also wearing a hearing aid. She was one of my first clients that I practiced on.
As we started the session she easily drifted off to a trance state where she experienced many different lifetimes. She kept jumping from life to life as I was trying to move her through important days of one lifetime. I had a difficult time trying to keep her in one lifetime in order to get the story right and to connect the characters. It takes some time before I can realize that the person “jumped” into another lifetime and to orient them back into the one that they’ve started the story in. Normally we would allow the “jumping” in QHHT as all lives are important and there is a connection and a pattern that their Subconscious mind is trying to point out, but in this case she was all over the place, through 5 or 6 lifetimes back and forth and I was loosing the connection as to which is which. So I had to orient her to the original one that she started in and get the story to the end.

A: What is the very first thing that you see down there below you?
N: The castle! I see a big castle. It’s got chimneys at the top, it’s got a big gate and there’s water around it.
A: What else can you see?
N: I see grass, very neat grass. It’s all been cut lovely. I’m walking across the grass towards the castle. The weather is been nice and warm. I’m carrying a small bag and the money in the bag. I’m wearing a big flowy dress. It feels tight around my waist. I’ve got a little clip in my hair. It’s got a flower on it, a daffodil. My hair is long, flowy and shiny. I’m a young girl of 14. I can hear people talking but it feels long way. I can’t see them yet. I’m walking across the bridge and the gates falls down. There’s somebody there; a little old man (laugh). He’s not talking; he’s just nodding at me. He has let me in. I’m going up two steps and than there’s ropes coming down from the ceiling. It just seems to be hanging there.
A: Do you know why are those rope there? No.
A: Do you live here in the castle or…?
N: I’ve never been here before. I can hear a lady reading a book. It sounds like she’s reading a book to a child. I’m coming closer to her. She sees me and she nods and I nod back. There are books everywhere. It’s like a library. She’s hushing me away. She’s saying go, go, go. I’m going back out, at the door, back into the room where there are ropes. I still don’t know what are they there for. They are just hanging from the ceiling. There are four of them. It all comes down as if to pull down. The man is showing me now. He’s pulling two of them down and the stepladders comes down. It’s a room, an attic room. It’s very dark in there. There are boxes in there but they’re all neatly stacked. I climbed up the ladder inside of it; it feels a bit crowded with boxes. The boxes are all taped down with writing on but it’s not English writing. It is Gaelic! Galeic? It’s what they speak in Tunisia.

It was a bit strange to find out that Celtic language was being spoken in a Northern African country but after doing some research I have found out that Celtic languages have indeed been adopted in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, as many Scots, Irish and Welsh emigrated to these countries in early 1800’s.

A: Is that where you are now, in Tunisia? Yes
A: Tell me more…
N: There’s no address on the boxes but I think they were moving and it marks the kitchen, bedroom atc. They are not mine. I’m going down the ladder now. The man is taking me to the kitchen.
A: Tell me more about this old man.
N: He’s not speaking, just nodding. He can’t speak. He’s got trousers and like a dress over the top. He’s dressed very neatly; he’s suit is white. He’s very old, like 90.

N: There’s a big aga in the kitchen and a great big table, and there’s a lady cooking. She says she doesn’t live here but she cooks for the family. The boxes are her’s. She’s lost her home and she’s storing the boxes up in the attic. She lives outside the castle but her stuff is here for safekeeping. She said I can have something to eat but I don’t really want to. Why not? It looks very greasy and unappetizing (says with disgust). She’s been working here for two years. She married the Tunisian man but she doesn’t like him now. She doesn’t like the way they live. She’s dressed with a big pinny on and a big long dress, a yellowish color dress and a white apron over it. She also looks neat. There are just plates stacked up above the cooker, she says it keeps them warm. The big table is just to work on and not to eat at. The man is now taking me up the stairs. There’s a big, open, really big stairs (says it with amazement). They lead to the bedrooms. A little girl’s bedroom! Girl that had the book read to her. She’s very small. She’s got 4-post crib, lots of drapes. The crib is not white; it’s beige in color. There are no toys in there. I can see some little dresses, her dresses. I don’t know where is the man gone. O, he’s stood at the stairs! He’s taking me back downstairs to meet the family. Mom has finished reading the book. She said “hi” to me. Her name is Coleen. Baby’s name is Ester. Her husband is out shooting rabbits with his friends. They are not my family (confused).
A: Why are you there?
N: I don’t know. I’m just visiting.
A: Would you like to go outside and explore what’s outside now? Yes.
N: To my right there are some woods. It looks very dark with lots of pine trees.
A: Can you find your home?

She jumps into the present lifetime (as I thought at the time) and starts describing a holiday she’s been to with her husband in their younger days. I didn’t realize that at first and I’ve let her carry on. But as I moved her to an important day, she jumps into yet another lifetime. This just got a bit confusing for me and I moved her back to the castle scene.
 N: I think this is the holiday. I can see the hotel right through the trees. I’m going over there. I’m bear feet. There’s a big hotel there now. It’s got big pillars outside like a grand entrance. It looks very posh. There’s marble everywhere. I’ve been here before. I’m going to my room. My husband is there. I’m 30 years old. I can see people sunbathing by the pool if I look through the window. There’s a big slide. I can’t see the sea; it’s on the other side.  My husband is asleep. Simon is also 30. My name is Ester. I’ll let him sleep. I’m going to have a sleep as well.
I moved her to an important day…
N: I’m getting married. I’m getting married to Lee. I’m wearing a blue velvet outfit. I’m going to a church. It’s a small church. You’ve got to bend down to go through the door but it looks big inside. There seems to be lots of people in there. My mom is there, and my dad. My real dad is there too.
Here I moved her backwards to the hotel scene as she changed characters and I was getting lost.
N: We’re going quad biking. Me, Lee, Sue. Naomi is there too!
I decided I will get nowhere here and I needed clarity of scenes and characters, I deepened her into more relaxation and I took her back to the castle scene…
A: You said you didn’t want to eat the food that the cook was preparing. Who is she cooking for?
N: It looks like for an army (laugh). She made lots of different foods; bread, cakes, sausage rolls. She’s taking it into another room. It must be where they’re going to eat. She made all this by herself. She’s taking it out on silver trays into a dining room. She’s putting it on a buffet table so they can help themselves. It’s very big, grand dining table with high chairs. There are 9 chairs but only 3 people will eat.
I moved her to eating time..
A: Whom is all eating?
N: Her mom and her dad and the lady that was cooking. Small man is not eating. I might have some bread. They are offering it to me so I’ll have some bread. It’s still warm! They are kind people. She is Sue and he is Gerard. Baby is Ester, she’s not eating, as she’s too small. She is not here in the dining room, maybe she’s sleeping. The lady says she’s my aunty but I’ve never seen her before. I don’t know why I’m there. I’ve got no bags, only my little moneybag.  Oh they said my bags are up in the bedroom.
I move her to the next day…
N: It’s very warm and I’m still in bed. It’s a very big bed. It’s a 4-post bed. If I look through the window I can see the trees, pine trees. It’s very dark in the room but the sunshine comes in as I moved the curtain. My parents left. They wouldn’t tell me where they went. They will come back in a week. I’m allowed to go shopping with the cook. It’s all dark grubby places. I’ don’t like it, it doesn’t look very nice. The men that are serving us are very old. I don’t see them well. It’s like wicker walls everywhere. The cook buys fruits; apples, pineapples.
Moving her forward to when parents come back..
N: I can hear my mom shouting. I misbehaved. I didn’t make my bed. They might have to go away again. They wouldn’t tell me where. She wants me to go to her friend’s place. She lives at the end of a hill. I’m going to help the lady with her 4 children. I’m going to help her. The kids are skipping around in the garden. There’s a swing and a slide. They are lovely children. We’re just skipping around (laugh). Lady is picking the washing up. The children’s father is not there, he’s been killed.
Moving her forward to an important day..
N: People are laughing. I don’t know who they are. There’s a party, my party. It’s a surprise party. There are lots of people. The party is in the hall. A big hall with balloons and pretty tables and lots of food and everyone can help themselves. I’m turning 20. I’m wearing a blue skirt and a white top. My friends from school are there too, about 5-6 of them. I can’t remember them all. My parents are not there. My aunty is not there. The lady I helped look after the children is here. She organized the party for me. I can hear music, a live band. Country singing. There are lots of people I don’t know.
Moving her forward to another important day and she jumps into her present lifetime, into her childhood.
N: I’m having a shared party in the garden. I’m sharing it with my sister. It’s our birthday, I’m 9 and she’s 6. We’re playing. My mother is in the kitchen; she’s putting paper plates up. My sister and I do not get along. She’s pushing everybody, pushing some people over and she’s pushing me. She’s laughing but it’s not funny. Mom says she’s only little so she allows her. We’re playing musical bums and then we going to play parcel parcel.
Moved her forward to an important day..
N: It’s my sister’s wedding. All her children are her bridesmaids; all 4 of them. Her name is Lisa. She’s marrying Steve. We don’t like him. He controls her. He tells her what she can wear and what she can’t wear. She said she loves him. I told her love is blind. She must be blind. I told her not to but she won’t listen. My mother doesn’t like him. She also spoke to her but she’s taken no notice.
As I move her forward she jumps into yet another lifetime…
N: My mom just had a baby girl, her name is Beverly. Mom is 32. My mom’s name is Brenda. I’m 15. The baby is lovely. This man is not my father. He’s name is Bryan. He’s a good man. He’s been good to me. He’s a nice man.
I decided to move her back to the castle and get to the last day of her life so we can get some clarity.
A: Who is there?
N: My aunty and nobody else. We’re eating sausages and bread.
Moving her forward to the last day of life…
N: I can see water. It’s a fountain. I’ve been there before. It’s where that nice grass is. I’m going to have a swim. Something’s got my leg. I’ve caught it in the fountain pool. My foot is stuck. I’m trying to breathe properly (she starts to panic and I give her suggestions to observe). I’m too long under the water. Everything is gone quiet. I can see the sunshine. Everything is gone foggy. I’m out of the body; it’s foggy. I feel floaty. I can’t see anything, it’s just fog.

A: Now that you are out of your body, you can see everything better. What did you learn from that lifetime?
N: To be strong and stand on your own two feet and enjoy it.
A: And what was the purpose of that lifetime?
N: To be able to be on my own and to help myself.
I have decided not to move her through any more lifetimes as it has taken a long time to get here and the person is not supposed to be “under” for longer than two hours at the time. I still needed to get through her list of questions so I called in the Subconscious.

A: Why did you show her this lifetime?
N: As a lesson; a lesson to look after people. That’s why she is looking after her husband.
A: She got ill herself by looking after him. Can you help her? Yes
A: Can you help her with OCD?
N: Life doesn’t have to be in order. She must learn not to worry. It will go away but she needs to do a little bit more work. She needs to stop writing things down. She’s got lists everywhere. She’s got to stop that and just remember things. She must live life to the full.
A: Why did she have 5 miss carriages?
N: To test her strength. She always sees the light on the other side. She has been blessed by a child as she gave up and was going to get sterilized. That was her reward.
A: She’s got arthritis in her hips. Can you help her?
N: It will get a bit better. Not completely, but a lot better.
A: Can you help her to get rid of fibromyalgia?
N: Yes. We can try now. I’m soothing her mind. She needs to believe in herself and it will happen. I’m putting it out to the Universe. It will happen in time.
A: What about arthritis?
N: We can try but it won’t get better. I can put it out to the universe and hope. I can try doing it now, we will see.
A: What about chronic fatigue. Can you help?
N: She must be prepared and once she gets more physically healthy, she will sleep better. She must get physically better and she will sleep better.
A: What is her purpose in life?
N: To go through with anything. Anything you want to do you can do it.
A: Her husband is in a wheelchair due to herniated discs. Is he going to get better?
N: We can try but he needs to try and want to get better. I will try and heal them both together. He needs to be more physically and mentally active and he will sleep better.
A: Can someone else in the Universe help to heal her right now?
N: Yes. Two angels are here healing her now. Restoring arthritis in the hips, bone in her ear so she doesn’t have to wear a hearing aid anymore. The missing bone will be restored at night when she’s asleep. It will take couple of months. Fibromyalgia – they’re trying to fix that too. They’re sprinkling dust all over inside. They’re flying around.
A: Are they going to bring total healing to the body? Yes
A: Can she stop taking all the tablets?
N: She needs to start stopping them slowly, within couple of months as she starts feeling better.
A: Will she notice the difference as she walks out of here? Yes
N: The angels are like little lights going all over her body, going through the skin into her body. They’re flying all over in and out of the body. They’re putting the light all over. They will stay with her for as long as they’re healing her. She will see them in her awaken state too. They will show her the light so she knows they are there.
A: Do you have any last message for Nessa?
N: Well done and keep going.

The Subconscious also revealed that the little man was her grandfather and a baby Ester was her grandmother in this lifetime. Her first “jump” was into the life of her being Ester and her husband Simon on holiday in Tunisia and right after that she was herself in that same lifetime. At first all this appeared very confusing but it is possible that she could have lived a parallel life or better yet, that two souls shared one body. The holiday in Tunisia, living the same lifetime scene as Nessa and as Ester.
Now that’s something to think about!

Friday, September 18, 2015

QHHT session with Aldona - life as an African Masai, Appearance of Mary Magdalene, Higher Self replaces cartliage in spine and knee

Aldona is a Polish lady whom I’ve met in Southampton, UK during the Reiki class. We gelled immediately as if we always knew each other. She is an enlightened soul who is fully awake and ready to walk her purpose here on Earth. I offered her a session out of my own curiosity as I was still in the learning process of QHHT. She has also given me her permition to write about her personal life in a bit more detail then I normally would.

She had a cleaning company at the time and worked very hard to be able to pay the bills and support the children. She has two teenagers from her previous marriage to a Polish man and a little boy with her English partner in UK. She wants to stop working so hard for money and concentrate on developing her own healing skills and abilities and also to have time to just enjoy life without financial stress.
Just as I suspected, she went deep down, very quickly and easily. She was shown many interesting lifetimes and there is something to learn from each one of them.
As she was coming off the cloud, I asked what does she see below her.

ALDONA: I see a long grass. It’s green but it’s not soft; it’s very coarse. There’s one tree over there, it’s like a Savannah. There are a lot of bushes; I’m hidden in the bushes. The ground is very hot and dry. My feet are black (laughing)! I’m a bushman (laughing)! I’m a Masai; the tall people in Africa (she realizes)! I’m wearing some kind of colors; red and gold. I feel dizzy (sigh). Everything is spinning but I don’t know why. I’m alone here. I’ve got a wooden sphere in my hand. I’m wearing a fabric, like a potato sack brown-grey.  Fabric is just around me; around my waist.  I have something colorful, like a necklace, around my neck. I have a band around my head, made of rope. It’s very colorful, with some feathers on the end. It’s red, white and gold, just like around my neck. I feel dizzy like I’m in a hammock and someone is pushing it (she complains again). I’m hunting for rabbits in the bushes. There’s some kind of a big animal next to me. It’s a friend; it’s a lion! The lion is teaching me how to hunt. I feel that I don’t want to kill anything, but I need to do it to survive. I killed the rabbit and I don’t know if I’m going to eat it. I’m taking it to the village. Lion is staying behind. It’s dark in the village; it’s in the middle of bushes so you can’t see it very well. It’s still very hot and warm.
A woman is greeting me and I give her the rabbit; she bowed to me. She is going to prepare the rabbit in a soup; a big pot. Everyone is preparing the food. I’m not involved with them; they are carrying on. There are some old people there and I’m with them. There’s a strange looking one. He’s got white eyes. He’s like a shaman or somebody. His name is Vasai. He’s teaching me how to cure people. He’s using some kind of herbs but not only herbs. I can see bones. He’s polishing those bones to a square shape and putting some kind of signs on them. There’s more then one.   He’s drying them and spitting on them (laugh). He will use them to see and read from them how to see the illnesses. He’s showing me how to do it; he’s teaching me. I know how to make my own now already. It feels good to learn this. There are plenty of people but they are not in the tent. There’s just one more man in there, I don’t know who he is. He’s writing things down for me. He’s an assistant of the shaman. I’m excited to learn these things. I’m just making my bones now; I’m shaping them. I will keep them in my little black bag.

This is where I normally move the client forward to an important day so the story can reveal and we can get more important details about that lifetime but as I gave her the instructions to move forward, she jumped into another lifetime. This is something we call “leapfrogging” and it’s normal. The guides are showing the client more then one life as they carry importance for them to see and learn from them. 
ALDONA: I see an empty space. There is somebody but I can’t see very well. I’m looking at somebody who is dead. My body feels tense. I’m alive but this person in front of me isn’t. He’s not moving. He’s got feathers in his hair. It’s a male. He’s a spirit. He’s appearing and disappearing. He’s got lovely hair; tied together at the back. He’s Native American. I’m not in a village anymore; I’m on top of the mountains so I can see everything. Tho mountains are sandy. They are not really mountains; they are hills. The soil is very dry and orange here. I’m touching it. He’s showing me something, I don’t know what. Where are you (she’s asking him)? I can’t see him now. He was pointing at something on the horizon. The horses are in that direction; wild horses. They are running! They are so far… They are coming to me now (laughing). I’m touching them now. They are calm. They know me but I don’t know them. They missed me. They are showing me something; a soldier. This person is dead in the grass. He’s wearing green dirty uniform, his skin is white and he’s got blond hair. The horses showed me this picture when I asked them why are they missing me. He was an army soldier but not really a soldier. He was doing something with them in the army but he was not fighting. He was a doctor! This was me; I was this soldier. There are plenty of horses there. I don’t feel like riding them. It’s very warm and dry.

Because she didn’t feel that she was in the body of the soldier but looking at the scene from the distance I wanted to investigate and find out who is it that is observing what the horses are showing them, so I asked her to look at her body and tell me what is she wearing. 

ALDONA: I can see the dress. I’m wearing a grey dress with blue and white apron. My hair is chestnut colour and nicely tied; it’s brown with some gold. The horses are not here anymore. I can see the kitchen around me. It’s big; huge! Everything is hanging around; spoons, pans.. There are 6 or 7 children here. They are not mine. My sister (in present lifetime) is one of those children. It looks like her! The children are sitting at the table and I’m preparing food for them. My sister is naughty and doesn’t want to sit down; she wants to help.

I moved her forward until after the dinner.

ALDONA: There’s a woman; she just came in. She’s my aunty; she doesn’t live here. I don’t mind her coming but I don’t like it when she just comes in. She’s keeps checking everything; this is how she is. Checking if everything is clean and if the children are washed. I think it’s quite funny.
I move her forward to another important day but she doesn’t go into another life scene; Mary Magdalene appears to her.

ALDONA: There’s a person standing in the light. I can’t see properly; it’s beaming from her. I’m not sure who she is; I will have to ask her. She’s somebody holly, from church pictures. The name I hear is Maria Magdalena. She’s caring about me; what ever I ask for, she will bring in the physical. It looks like she is my Guide. It’s just this light (amazed).. Her message to me is: “Pray and don’t worry, everything will be fine”. I can see her hands; she’s putting her hands on my head. She’s giving me love. Oh it’s so lovely… I’m saying thank you to her and she’s saying back: “Just remember that you are loved”.

Mary Magdalene didn’t give us any other messages for now. She just stated her constant presence and I gave Aldona instructions to find another time and another space.

ALDONA: I can’t see, somebody just smashed my left eye. He doesn’t want me to see. It’s an ugly man. He’s got mustache. He’s hit me because he doesn’t like me, he says. Because I saw and know everything. He knows that I know and see things. I’m not afraid of him. I’m just going to leave him; he’s afraid of me. It’s happening in an old house. I’m a child and this is my father. “You’re not my son,” he’s telling me. He doesn’t like me. My mother is gone; she’s dead. He wanted to kill me. I’m 6 years old. He killed my mother, that’s what I saw a second ago. He killed her because I wasn’t his son. He knew I’m not his son but he couldn’t resist anymore. He wants to kill me too. He wan’t kill me, he can’t do it. He is too small; his spirit is too small. I look into his eyes and he can’t kill me. I'm more powerful then he is. He’s leaving now. I’m just going to wait until somebody comes. 

Moving her forward until somebody comes…

ALDONA: I’m in the hospital. I’m not going to survive. He’s beaten me badly. He couldn’t finish me. They don’t know that it was him who’s done this. I couldn’t speak. It’s not important; he’s dead as well. He killed himself right after. He’s a father figure but he’s not my real father. I’m feeling good dying. I’m floating above the boy’s body.

I have finally caught her on a spiritual side to be able to ask for the lesson and the purpose of the lifetime we are watching.

ALDONA: To forgive; I have forgiven him. I had to to let go, forgive and forget, and move on. It’s not important to fight at all; no need to fight. I’m somewhere in the light. I can sense others but I can’t see them. It feels like home. It’s just a beautiful feeling in the clouds, light, bright, nice and warm. Next time I’m going to teach them discipline. I’m going to teach bad people, how not to be bad.

ME: Could you maybe go into the Hall of Light and tell me what’s it like in there?

ALDONA: What is that? They are laughing at me and saying: “Why are you asking; you know it”! There’s a light tunnel, almost like in the fire station. A hole in the ground but it’s light. Here they are choosing whom you are going to be. But you have a choice really, and then you just slide down like a missile. I chose mine and I’m waiting in the queue. Everybody is going. There I go!!! I’m in the hospital getting born. I’m a girl! “I am back; I will show you!” It was nice in the womb but I could hear everything about this horrible world. I heard arguments and a lot of talking. My mother was always talking. My mother’s name is Urszula; it’s my mom in this life!

I didn’t want her to go into the present life so I’ve taken her back into the light and asked her to choose a different lifetime.

ALDONA: I see clouds. I’m in the balloon or an airplane; something in the sky. I’m standing and operating something. I’m standing in the basket. Oh it is a balloon. I’m alone in there and I’m a male. I’m going exploring. I’ve got food, knife and other supplies. The weather is nice. I see a sky and the ocean. I’m enjoying this. I landed on the beach; there are strange people all around and they are trying to scare me. They are afraid; they’ve never seen a balloon before. They look big like rugby players (laughing)! They are big and harry, dark skin; black but painted in white paint. It’s so hot here (sighing). It looks like New Zealand but nobody named it yet. I’m going to name it! It’s should be New Sea Land and not New Zealand. My name is something that ends in …pacho… Karapacho. I think I'm Spanish or Italian. They are still scared of me but they can see I’m alone and not scary. They are touching me; I have white skin. I’m just smiling at them and showing signs (laughing). They are drawing something on the sand; letters but I don’t understand. I just got into their village. They are carrying my balloon with us (laughing). One young man is showing me all the birds. I'm a visitor, they like me. 

As I moved her forward to discover more details, she leapfrogs into another lifetime again.

ALDONA: I see a sword. It’s huge. There’s a big Knight holding a sword. It’s bigger than me. It’s right in front of my way, blocking me. He’s holding me back. He’s a giant comparing to me. He doesn’t want to let me in the castle. “It’s not your time to go there, go back, you are too small” he says. I just want to get in between his legs and get through. He threatens with a serious face but he laughs inside of him. I’m curious; it’s some kind of a meeting. He’s letting me through just to make me happy; he’s a good soul. There’s some kind of a meeting and it sounds very serious. There are twelve people in the meeting. They are talking and they don’t know I’m in here; they are too busy. I look like a squirrel; something little. I’m ginger or orange in color. I can hear them but I can’t understand them. I don’t know the language. They are Silver Knights. I can’t see their faces. They are gathered around the table and just talk, talk, talk. They’ve got something on the table. They are so tight next to each other, I can’t see. It’s a drawing of the stars, of the sky, of the constellation. They are getting ready for something. I’m afraid to ask them, they are big. “Time is coming, time is coming”, they keep saying. They are analyzing what’s going on. It’s not preparing for the battle but it’s almost as important.” It’s time to get ready for changes”, they say. “The God is coming and everything will change”, they say. They can’t change it; they will just get ready. The year is 1200. Noooo that can’t be… Knights at that time (asking suspiciously)?

We couldn’t get any more information so I moved her forward and she goes into the spiritual realm again.

ALDONA: It’s just like a sky. I feel very light. I’m calm. I’m a spirit. I’m alone there but I feel free. I’m just moving but where ever I want to. I just want to stay there.

This was the perfect time to call in the Subconscious / Higher Self and ask all the questions on her list that she brought with her.

ME: Why did you show her all these lifetimes?

HIGHER SELF: They are important. She knows what is important about them. She is important. She is needed to cure and teach. That’s her life purpose. She can just look at people. She has a current job where she is seeing people; they need her. She is there listening to them; they feel pleased that they’ve got somebody there to listen to them. She needs to listen, learn and teach. She is healing them by listening and talking, and by energy. She brings energy to them. She almost shines but she doesn’t see it. People can see it. She will see it as she keeps talking to people; they will keep telling her and she will realize it.

ME: Why does she have to work so hard?

HIGHER SELF: To learn; it’s all about how hard you make it for yourself. She works too much. She needs to stop doing that. She needs to relax and enjoy. She needs to stop worrying and caring about people that don’t matter.  

ME: She needs the money to support the children. How will she be able to that if she works less?

HIGHER SELF: The money will come, she never had problems with money.

ME: She feels like she’s going in circles. Is that necessary?

HIGHER SELF: Yes, just to the point that she will break loose. She will realize it is pointless going around and around. She needs it now to grow but she will stop soon. She will be happy. Her business exists because of her. It will stop when she stops; it will collapse. The business is there because she is there. She is listening to her thoughts now and she is realizing that it’s not important. What ever she does, it will grow her. What ever she decides will be good. She will meet important people.

ME: Can you tell us more about her and Howard (her partner)?

HIGHER SELF: She and Howard met before, in another life; they were a happy family. They were a couple then and now they came again. They are twin souls. They will not have any more children. Their little boy can see things and it is obvious to him that these things are real. He doesn’t talk about them now but he will teach more about them later.

I ask if any of the people they were showing us through the lifetimes today, are any in her present life.

HIGHER SELF: Her ex husband is the man who killed her as a child in the life we were showing her. He came in as her first husband who was and is giving her a lot of grief. He hasn’t progressed spiritually yet and he will not in this lifetime. He needs to work out his karma and it seems that he’s not doing a very good job. He was supposed to learn from her in this lifetime but he hasn’t and their soul contract is finished. Their daughter still has a soul contract with him, she will teach him and he will learn from her. She is safe to do so.

I ask more clarity about her brother Marek who has a psychological disorder, to tell us why has he turned up that way and if we can get healing for him today.

HIGHER SELF: There’s nothing wrong with him. It is for the people around him and not for him. People need to learn from him; they can’t treat it. They have to learn to be patient. Not everything must be their way. He was using drugs to kill the connection with higher power. He doesn’t have a connection with people anymore, but he has a connection with the higher power. Just let him be who he is; it’s part of his contract. He’s been chosen by God to come in like this. He’s teaching the people around him; the family. I can try and help him. I will connect so he doesn’t feel lonely. I’m connecting with him now; he’s allowing it. He’s going to feel good. He will know he’s not alone. He’ll become calmer and happier. He will not become normal again but he will be able to connect by himself. Everybody can connect with him in this way; close your eyes and connect. “Finally somebody has found a way”, he says. He knows it’s Aldona that has connected to him now. The channel is open now and he will be able to connect to her any time. He can connect to anybody in this way. He will talk about this experience to their mother. He will let her know.

I ask for healing..

HIGHER SELF: Would you really want to fix him? He is very precious like this. The lesson to parents is to be flexible; everything is God sent. I can make it easier for the mother to accept this. They can all connect on a mental and spiritual level like this.

ME: Where does his soul come from? Who is he?
HIGHER SELF: He’s an angel.

ME: Did they have past lives together?

HIGHER SELF: Wait, I’m looking… He is her teacher. He’s helping her to understand. They shared a lifetime before. He is the Native American guide who was guiding her; it is he. He is her teacher in this lifetime. She’s learning from him and she is the one who understands him the most.

I asked some personal questions about her parents and her sister and also if they shared previous lifetimes together.

HIGHER SELF: Her present father shared a lifetime where they used to be brother and sister; she was the brother and he was the sister. We didn’t show it to her today. Her mother and her were best friends as men in one of their previous lives. Her sister was the naughty child around the table in the life we showed her today.

ME: Aldona would like to connect consciously to the Source. Can you help her?

HIGHER SELF: Yes, she will see.

She had questions about the spirits she used to see as a child and still sees today. She particularly asked about the man who was hiding in her wardrobe, for example.

HIGHER SELF: He was hiding. He took the ring to pay for something. He took his mother’s ring. He was aware that Aldona could see him. He was hiding because somebody was coming to get him. He wasn’t aware that he was a spirit. But he is in the light now, he’s OK. The other spirits she sees are her family. She needs the connection with them; they are helping her with everything that she needs. They are helping her doing things that she’s not able to do.

ME: How many guides does Aldona have?

HIGHER SELF: She’s got two guides. One is an angel and one is a male. Male is the main guide; he’s been with her since birth. One more guide will come in, to guide her find a new life so she can live the way she wants to. Angel is helping her not to feel lonely. The angel is here now.. I’m feeling so hot (she states).

ME: Does Maria Magdalena come often?

HIGHER SELF: Only when she needs her to help heal. She’s a powerful healer.

ME: Can we call upon her now and ask her to heal Aldona’s back?

HIGHER SELF: Yes, she’s here now. She’s healing her right now with her hands. There’s something missing from Aldona’s back; a cartilage. I can fix that for her now. I’m doing it with energy. I’m rebuilding a cartilage with energy. It’s in her lower back. It happened by carrying heavy stuff. I’m fixing this, right here and now. This also causes the sciatica. I’m healing this as well in the same way.

ME: Can I carry on asking questions while you are healing the body? (Yes). There’s a knock on Aldona’s door every day between 11:30 and 12 o’clock. Who’s coming in?

HIGHER SELF: Her guide. He knocks because she wants him to knock to let her know that he’s there. She can hear him talking in her head. She can also hear his voice through music. She will start seeing and hearing us clearly in the next year She’s developing and we are helping her. She will be helping other people. She needs to do meditation, meditation, and meditation. She is good at Reiki and she will heal people.

I ask for a body scan to see if there is anything else that needs healing, adjusting or balancing.

HIGHER SELF: The head is full of thoughts, thoughts, and thoughts…. Cut the thoughts! I’m cutting them out. There are too many thoughts.
Speak more for yourself. Don’t keep anything for yourself; just say it. Don’t worry about what people will say.
The heart is tired. I’m making it slower; it’s too fast. I’m balancing it now.
Knees.. Something is overgrowing on her left knee; a cartilage. It’s overgrowing because of running. It’s not too bad, just painful. I need to put this in the right place. I’m just shaping the cartilage. I’m almost done with it; it’s almost healed now. I’m finished!
Spine needs a little bit more work. Im’ making her whole spine stronger and I’m taking the tension out. I’m done! She will notice the difference straight away.
Her head needs opening up. I’m cutting the thoughts; she doesn’t need them. They are thoughts of worry. She needs space in her brain for the light, meditation and connection. I’m sweeping them now.

ME: Will it help her if we invite Violet Flame into her head? (Yes). How can we do that?

HIGHER SELF: Can you help?

ME: Yes I can. Can I do it now? (Yes)

So I call in the ascended master St. Germain and I ask him to send Violet Flame into her body (pause).

ME: Is he responding? (Aha). Is he here? (Yes).

I ask and direct Violet Flame into all her four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and I still do quite a bit of talking and suggesting for transformation and transmutation. I also thank him for coming in and helping us here today.

ME: Is he responding to my request?
HIGHER SELF: Good luck, he says.

ME: Whom is he saying that? (To you)! Why to me? Why is he saying good luck to me? (Because you’re going on the mission). He knows I’m going? (Yes). Is he going to be with me? (Of course!). Can I use him and Violet Flame this way in QHHT sessions to help people? (Yes). Thank you very much.

I ask for any last messages for Aldona that were not asked in our questions.

HIGHER SELF: Enjoy! Take care of the animals, they are very important. She can communicate with animals already.

Here I ask some personal questions for myself as Aldona has given me the permition before we started the session.

ME: Who’s the spirit we’ve got in this flat?

HIGHER SELF: She was living here and she died in here. She likes it here. She has found the light but she likes to come here. She’s aware of you and Colin. She likes you but she doesn’t like him. She is like you.

Colin is my ex who wasn’t ready to accept what I was doing and he was protesting by refusing my help to heal him. He has developed arthritis in his whole spine, his neck and knees. At first he agreed to have QHHT sessions but he kept trying to prove that it is not working. He is also a type of a person who talks a lot about the same things over and over, and doesn’t like silence. One night he had a very fearful experience where he felt that somebody is sitting on top of him and choking him. He was out of breath and got really scared. He said that he was kicking around in the bed with his feet in order to wake me up, as he knew that it would go away then. I remember waking up and being annoyed asking him to stop kicking and he said it was gone as soon as I said that.

ME: Who was the spirit that was choking Colin while he was asleep that night?

HIGHER SELF: It wasn’t her; it’s his fear. He’s not ready for this journey. Oh I can see the man choking your husband.

ME: Why was he choking him?

HIGHER SELF: To stop Colin from talking. He’s saying: “ Just shut up”! (We’re both laughing). Nobody sent him; he just had enough of him. It is one of Colin’s own family; his guide.

ME: Why does he want him to shut up?

HIGHER SELF: Because Colin is not listening to them. He’s taking the messages but he’s not doing anything; he’s just swallowing them down. That’s why he’s got pain in his body. He’s angry with himself. He will be fine. He will understand later. He’s a typical man. He doesn’t want your help because he wants it his way, not your way. Anybody would leave him.

ME: Tell me about my mission?

HIGHER SELF: You will have more clients like your husband; difficult people. He is teaching you as well.

ME: I knew there was a reason for meeting difficult people in my life (we laugh)! Will I be able to help the difficult ones?

HIGHER SELF: You are! You don’t know about it but you are! They will not necessarily listen to you but inside they will know that this is right. They will melt under you. You are successful.

ME: What about my work and money issues? This work that I love is not bringing me enough income.

HIGHER SELF: Don’t worry about money. There will always be somebody there to help you. This is how you are supposed to work; only do what you love because then it is not work. Only what you love will bring you happiness. (I’m feeling so hot! Big sigh).

ME: Can you tell us who is Aldona’s Soul Group?

HIGHER SELF: She doesn’t need to know that now; she needs to develop first.

ME: What about my soul group?

HIGHER SELF: Mystique! I don’t know; higher, higher power. You already know, you just need a confirmation.

I ask about my back problems and also about my daughters.

HIGHER SELF: You will get your healing tomorrow. Your daughters are powerful ladies! One of your girls will do what you do but in different places. I really need the toilet now!

I was scheduled to see another QHHT practitioner in London the next day and have my own session. I indeed received healing of my spine on that day and never had problems since, unless I lift heavy stuff.

When Aldona woke up her back was soaking wet and she was hot and sweaty. She was amused by this and said: “Oh my God, what happened here”?! She went for her toilet break and came back into the room with a big smile and very happy. She said she remembers being very hot since the start of the session. This was done in a month of November in a small bedroom that didn’t have heaters on and I remember feeling quite cold myself. This happens all the time in the sessions; the healing begins the moment client walks through the door and it lasts for at least 3 days after the session.
I enjoy this work so much as everybody gets some form of healing and also we get answers to all our questions that are relevant at the time. The spirit is always there ready to help and assist us when we ask. The mysteries of time are being revealed, as we are ready to awaken and know the truth. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

QHHT session with Francesca - Enneagram, killed in Colosseum by lions, life in a castle, meeting guardian angel, healing

Francesca was too one of my volunteers in my early days of QHHT practice. She is a very humble and quiet but beautiful woman who shines her light inside out. 

Unfortunately she had many physical ailments like fibromyalgia, M.E, under active thyroid, lower back pain, hip, knee and arm pain, that were making her life difficult. It would get even worse every time she would find herself in a relationship that most of the time ended up being controlling and possessive. She found herself repeating a pattern of abusive relationships and wondered whether it will ever stop. There was also an underlying problem in a relationship with her mother and an abusive past that she needed answers to.

It was very easy working with Francesca throughout the session as she was very visual and kept the flow going by describing most of the things that she was seeing, hearing, feeling or knowing. She was also able to communicate with her guardian angel in a spiritual realm and show us the process of returning into a new human life on Earth.

Francesca was very amazed by all the details of her past lives and she had the most profound and comforting experience by being in the afterlife. She has done some research that confirmed a lot of things.

ME: What can you see down there below you?

FRANCESCA: It’s night time, very dark. I can feel it’s sandy, stony gravel under my feet. My feet are bare. I can’t see much as it is really dark.

To avoid getting her stuck in the darkness and not seeing anything, I suggested that she will see better as she carries on speaking.

FRANCESCA: To my right is a little house with steps. I can see doors, but I can’t see any windows. I’m just going up the steps; there’s a big wooden door, I can’t get in. It feels too quiet. I’m going around the house. There are narrow passageways in a little town. Along the street, there are smaller windows with little candles in windows, on a different house. I’m not drawn to this house. I just want to keep walking. I’m just walking through alleyways. There are not many people; it seems really empty. There are candles in the windows, so the people are sleeping inside the houses. I’m walking into the square, there’s nobody there either. The square is big, there’s a big building with columns. It’s some kind of a temple. It feels Roman. There’s a flash in my head of a soldier’s breastplate but that’s not what I’m wearing. I’m wearing a very long gown, up to my ankles. It’s almost like sackcloth in one-piece, brown leather belt. The belt is twisted leather with a buckle in front. My hands are a bit dirty. I’ve got short brown hair. I’m a young male. I’m walking towards the temple. It’s too quiet; I don’t know why is it so quiet. There’s torches outside on the wall. I’m walking inside now. It’s warm inside. Marble floors, torch light on the walls again. It seems quite peaceful inside. The temple is rectangle, quite a long hall and marble floors.  

There’s a circular pattern in a middle of the floor. It’s a geometric symbol. It’s pointed but it’s not a star. There’s a pattern inside a circle. I’m getting Enneagram (not sure how to pronounce it). It’s got 9 points to it but it’s flat to the base. There’s a table on the side, some flowers in a golden vase. There are two tables, but one with flowers on. The tables are semi-circular. There’s a flaming torch above the tables lighting a whole wall. There are different color marble designs on the wall. There’s a staircase at the far end of a hall. I’m climbing the stairs. I’m looking at it now. It’s swiping staircase and it’s going up to the center towards the back of the temple. It feels darker at the top. There are no torches up there. There are people up there, but they are asleep. It’s like a corridor. O I think its someones house! It’s not a temple. This is someone’s house! I want to know who lives in here. I feel that I’m not meant to be in here. I’m going outside; I’m back at the square. I’m walking to the other side of the square. I can’t believe there’s nobody around. I feel like I’m lost or I’ve been away and came back. It doesn’t seem familiar. I’m looking for my own house. I came back to that same little house. I’m going inside. There’s a fire going. It’s very plane and basic. There’s a table and an old lady sat down by the fire. She’s crying. I want to go and speak to her. She’s smiling at me now. She’s giving me a hug, very sweet lady. She’s my mother! She has dark hair with gray bits, tied back. She’s quite plumpish. She’s wearing a cream dress and a white apron. She lives on her own. Somebody’s died in the house she says. My dad died recently, that’s why she was crying. She was feeling lonely. I was taken away when I was little. She’s crying with tears, she didn’t recognize me. I feel strange because I haven’t seen her in a long time. She says the soldiers came into the village and people are hiding. They’ve taken me as a slave, but now they’ve let me go just like that.  

After asking her a few more questions about this scene, there was nothing else to explore so I moved her forward to another scene.

FRANCESCA: It’s daylight and lots of people around. I’m outside at the Colosseum. They are all going into the Colosseum; there’s lots of noise. I’m just following the crowd. I’m a spectator. I can see lions, gladiator, just lots of chanting; shouting and chanting. They are asking for somebody to be brought out to the lions. Gladiators bring out some people; prisoners in tatty clothes. They are trying to escape the lions. The lions are kept loose. But as they get closer to the wall, gladiators push them back into the middle. They are scared. They’ve got nowhere to go. Gladiators are big with spheres and these other people are old. I'm down in the Colosseum now, I’m one of them (surprised)! I’m trying to escape the lion and gladiator pushes me back. There is somebody in a blue gown with a crown of leaves around his head. He’s sitting down, there are two young women besides him and some men stood besides him. He’s a leader. He’s Cesar!

ME: And what is your name?
FRANCESCA: My name is Peter. They threw me to the lions, because I’ve stole bread; I was hungry. They are doing this to everybody. We are slaves and we shouldn’t have bread, gladiator says to me. They freed me in order to put me in the Colosseum. I was working in the big house and I stole bread and they gave me to the gladiators for money. I was working in that big house I saw in the square at the beginning. He was some kind of politician. I’m about 18 years old. I’m still running from the lions, gladiators are pushing me towards them, but they are not chasing me. The lions are circling us. The other person is an old man; he worked in the house with me. He stole money they say. They accused him of stealing money. He’s kneeling down and crying. It’s an injustice, because he didn’t steal the money. He’s asking for forgiveness and they are laughing at him. I’m trying to get him up as the lion is coming towards him. He collapses back down on the floor. I back away. The lion has got him in his mouth, shaking him. Now the lion is coming towards me. I’m running away, but they just send another one in. There are two lions after me. People are cheering and laughing. I’m angry and scared. The lion tripped me over and he’s on top of me. He scratched my back, all the way down my spine. He’s ripped all my clothes, there’s blood everywhere. He’s got his mouth around my neck and he’s throwing me up in the air. The other lion has got me now, he’s got my right leg. He’s shaking me. I’m scared. I’ve got both lions on me now. I can’t escape; they are pulling me apart. People are laughing. It’s all happening very fast. I’m almost dead now. I’m just lying there and blood is everywhere. The lions left me like that and walked away. The gladiator came and stumped on my head to finish me off. He killed me. I’m dead now.

This is the time where spirit becomes aware of everything that has been happening to it in that lifetime and it know it’s lessons and purpose.

ME: What did u learn from this lifetime?

FRANCESCA: There is no justice. I was sacrificed for being a good person. I was given to the lions for taking bread. People always blame others for their mistakes. They will never take the blame for themselves. 

I wanted to see if Francesca could see anything and explore the spiritual realm, as she is very sensitive and intuitive person. She communicates with trees, animals and nature in her daily life.

ME: Where are you now?

FRANCESCA: I’m whole again. I’m walking towards the woods. It’s dark again; it’s night time. I can hear an owl hooting. It feels very peaceful here. I’ve met somebody in the woods, somebody in a white gown. It’s an angel! She’s just holding both of my hands.

ME: How do you look like?

FRANCESCA: I look older and I’ve got a lovely white gown and sandals on my feet. I’m a male. My hair is dark and wavy with grey on the sides. I’m wearing a gold bracelet on my left hand. It’s a single band bracelet. It’s a heavy bracelet. The angel says my name is Kyrion and she came to welcome me. She’s glowing white; I can’t really see her face. Her hair is golden white. Her face is a light. She’s floating beside me. She’s taking me home now. It’s by the river, through the woods. It’s very sunny. River is not too big or deep. The light is dancing on the river. There are buildings across the river. We are floating over the river. She’s holding my hand. Her name is Agatha. She’s an angel of restoration.

 ME: Does she want to speak through you to me?

FRANCESCA: She says she came to help me over into the light. She’s preparing me to go fully into the light. She’s sending light into my hands. She says Kyrion is my spirit name that she has given me. It means the light bringer. This is who I am. I was always named this, since the beginning.

ME: What was your purpose in the lifetime we were watching?

FRANCESCA: It was to bring comfort to others who are struggling.

ME: Where are you going from the light?

FRANCESCA: I’m going to come back into a new body. I will be a soothsayer; a wise person of truth she says. I will be teaching others. She will prepare me for the new lifetime.

ME: Who decides what life and what body you will have?

FRANCESCA: They do. They are full of light. They are light beings, no faces. There are twenty of them, maybe more. They’ve all gathered around us. I’m not to stay there long; I’ve got to go back. They are giving me more strength, giving me energy through my hands. My path is to show people love. Agatha is still holding my hand. She will be with me the next time I arrive and she will be with me in this next lifetime. Someone else is going to be with me in other lives to come. She is pointing at somebody else. I’m going back down straight away. They are filling me up with light again and they are giving me a cloak of protection. The cloak I’ll be wearing through the next lifetime.

ME: Can they take us through the process?

FRANCESCA: They are leading me through a big gate, golden gate with arched tops. Everything there is golden, it’s beautiful. I would like to stay a bit longer. Agatha says I can have a look around. There are lots of gardens and everything shines in golden lights. There are lots and lots of souls around. Everyone is just walking. None of them have any faces, just golden light. I feel happy and safe. She said I’ve got to go back; I can’t wait too much longer.

ME: Is the baby about to be born?

FRANCESCA: Yes. I feel sad, sad to leave. She’s holding my both hands again and saying: don’t worry, we are here, we will always be here for you. I walk through the gates and they are all waving at me. I’m on the other side of the gates and it’s darkness again. I’m stood on the ledge and I can’t see the bottom. I’m not happy about this. There’s just darkness, I can’t see anything. I feel a rumble. Something is rumbling, like a thunder. I’m being shaken. The whole place is shaking. I’m being shaken off the ledge. I’m falling. It looks just like a big cave. There’s water below me. I don’t like that; I don’t like falling. Now I’m being carried away by the water. It’s like a river taking me to my next life. I stopped! I’m bobbing around in the water. It’s like a cave around me.

She couldn’t describe anything else here so I’ve moved her forward until she was already born. 

FRANCESCA: I’m in the castle, overlooking mountains and valleys. It’s a beautiful view. I’m wearing a dark purple cloak with a hood on my head. I have long hair and I’m a girl about twenty years old. I have a plain, but pretty dress under the cloak. It’s silvery-grey. I’m wearing a gold band ring on my middle finger. It’s a present from my loved one, but he’s not there. He’s gone away. He said he would come back. He’s gone to fight somewhere, but he said he’d come back. There’s a lady sewing. She’s sitting by the fire sewing and I’m looking out the window at the valleys. She is my made. My name is Clarissa and she is Ester. She’s sewing some garments for me. I grew up in this castle. The man I’m waiting for, lives in another castle. My father is still alive, but my mother is not. I’m looking for my father. He’s just sat by the fire. He’s got fur around his shoulders. He’s smoking a pipe. He’s got a small crown on his head. He’s a king. His name is Ruphes. This is Norway. It’s 1512. I’m a princess. He’s a kind king, very kind. My mother has died when I was little. She had a fever. The man I’m waiting for, his name is Michael. His castle is long way away. I’ve never been there. My father has been there once. He likes Michael. We’re going to get married when he gets back. He went to fight into the war. I don’t know who is fighting. Michael is also a good person. 

Moving her forward to an important day…

FRANCESCA: It’s sunny and we’re outside the castle. There are a lot of people here. I’m getting married! Michael is taller than me; he’s got blond hair and very lovely face. His eyes are sparkly and very very dark blue. He’s injured his left arm. My father and Ester are there. Not many people, but people that matter. I’m feeling really happy. Everyone I care about is here. 

Moving her forward…

FRANCESCA: I’m giving birth to a baby. It’s my daughter. She’s tiny. I’m holding her and I feel happiness. Her name is Ruth. Michael and my dad are there. He says that his name is Miguel; but I like to call him Michael. We’re all living in the castle with my father. Michael and my dad get on very well.
Moving her forward…

FRANCESCA: My daughter is grown up; she’s twelve. She’s running around playing. She seems very happy. I only had one child. I’m 35. Michael is gone off again to a fight. We’re making her a dress, it’s coming up to her birthday. The dress is emerald green. She’s just a sweet girl. There’s horses approaching the castle, men and horses; quite a few of them. They are coming to the castle, but it’s good news, they won the battle. Miguel is coming back too. My girl is happy, running to greet them. She loves the horses too. They are coming in, there’s food in a hall. They’re coming in for a feast.
Moving her forward…

FRANCESCA: My father is sick. He’s in his bed. He’s dying. He’s saying he’s had a happy life and I brought him joy. It makes me feel really happy. I feel sad that he’s dying, but I feel it’s time for him to go. Miguel is stood at the door and my daughter is stood with him. I’m by the bedside of my father. He’s waiting to go to sleep. 

Moving her forward…

FRANCESCA: My daughter is an adult. She’s dancing around the castle. I don’t know why she’s dancing; I think she’s in love. It’s nice to see her happy. I’m the queen now; I took the crown over from my father. Michael is the king. My daughter is in her twenties. She’s wearing deep purple and pink. She says she’s happy, because she’s in love with a friend. I didn’t see him yet, she says one day. I also had a little boy who died. He died when he was ten years old. I was very sad. He had a fever.

Moving her forward…

FRANCESCA: I’m lying in my bed and my daughter is there. She got a little baby, a baby boy. His name is Kenneth. I’ve been poorly. I had a chest infection. I’m 60 years old. Miguel is there in the room. The doctor gave me some medicine. It helped me a little bit, but I'm very cold. There's a fire and they’ve given me lots of blankets. My daughter has just given me a baby to hold; she is happy. Her husband is not at the castle. They are visiting; she’s just visiting. They live in another country. They live in Spain. It seems very peaceful. My whole life seems to be very peaceful and happy; very easy life. I’m reviewing my life while lying in bed. I just feel that my energy is going. But it’s gentle.

I’ve moved her forward until she was on the other side.

FRANCESCA: I feel content. It’s just dark again now. I don’t feel scared, I feel at peace. I just drifted away from the body. My daughter was with me. She’s kissing my hand and holding it to her face. She’s crying, but she’s not distorted. Michael is standing there by the bed and he’s quietly crying. Now he’s hugging her. They are sad but at peace. They are wrapping my body up in cloth; they’re going to bury me outside the castle in the garden, next to my mother and father.

ME: Can you see what names are on the graves?

FRANCESCA: It’s an odd name; Koliecki. That’s on my father’s grave.

ME: What did you learn from this life?

FRANCESCA: To value everyone, to enjoy every moment, to be humble and to live modestly.

ME: What was the purpose?

FRANCESCA: To experience love.

This is the part where I called in her Subconscious / Higher Self and asked all the questions that she had written down on a piece of paper and brought with her for the session.

ME: Why did you pick this lifetime for her to see?

FRANCESCA / HIGHER SELF: To show her that she can experience love.

ME: And the previous one?

HIGHER SELF: To show her that she can stay true to herself, even when people are horrible.

ME: Why does Francesca always end up in abusive relationships that are full of jealousy and control?

HIGHER SELF: People are scared that she shines too much. They are frightened of their own light and when they see someone else shine, it scares them. She just needs to teach them to love themselves, show them their own worth. She needs to demand respect. If she values herself, others will value her too.

ME: She feels very connected to animals and children and they are attracted to her. Why is that?

HIGHER SELF: Francesca understands the innocence of animals and children and they understand each other. She hasn’t lost touch with her magic in life and children need to know how to carry that through life.

ME: What is her life purpose?

HIGHER SELF: To heal the children that are coming in; with music and writing songs for children, helping and guiding them to evolve. Children with the wrong parents that are not helping them to evolve. By helping children, parents will also receive the healing. She can incorporate sound healing. The children would like it. Adults would like it too, but children need it more. She could open a healing center at some later point to counsel families.

ME: Francesca had so many paranormal experiences. Can you tell us why?

HIGHER SELF: She’s from another dimension. She’s from the stars; from Pleiades. The pink and blue lights that she keeps seeing are her star brothers and sisters. They are helping by bringing through the energy for the children.

ME: Will she ever meet her twin flame?

HIGHER SELF: She will meet her twin flame very soon. He will be a very good man. He’s coming within about 6 months. He’s got a kind face and sparkly eyes. They might have met already. She will know it’s him and the right one, because he will care deeply for her. He will be spiritual, but she has to teach him. They’ve been together before. They were the king and the queen from the life I’ve showed her. Her mother was a roman soldier in her previous life. Her king father from her previous life is her friend in this life.

Now I asked for the reasons for her aches and pains and also for the healing of it all. Francesca’s Higher Self has agreed to heal everything that we asked for.
Lower back problems are serving her to stop her from going on the wrong path. She now knows her path and she doesn’t need the pain anymore so it was healed.
Right arm pain is there because she needs to be writing more; it has done the healing regardless.
Pain in the hips exists because the hips feel unloved. They need love. She needs alignment on her right side so the healing was done by moving the bones.
Right knee received the healing.
Endometriosis have become clean.
M.E. is there because she had a spiritual trauma, but she’s over it now and it can be healed.
Higher Self has also put pink light into her heart for protection.

HIGHER SELF: The rest of the spine is a bit curved. I am aligning that by clicking the bones into place. They will stay strong. I’m putting golden light into her back. It’s healing all internal scars; it will heal external scars over time.
Thyroid is under active because of the stress. I’m balancing the thyroid now but it will take a few months to heal completely and she needs to decrease the medication from tomorrow and then stop.

ME: Do you have any last messages for Francesca before I bring her out?

HIGHER SELF: Enjoy life; believe in yourself more, you’re never alone.

Francesca’s own research has brought in a lot of closure as well as more questions. She is not sure why was she shown enneagram. Enneagram is used to determine somebody’s personality traits and how to grow further. It was mainly used in Greek mythology as per research but she was shown it in Roman part of the world. The only explanation would be that not only Greeks used it but Romans too and that it is much older then what we think. It is perhaps a field that Francesca should look deeper into and see how she could use it in this lifetime. 

At present time of great changes, human “junk DNA” is being activated and upgraded where all our lives’ memories will merge and all our wisdom will be used for higher good to make the present lifetime the most purposeful on a path to ascension.

Francesca has also found out that Kyrion means a Christ bearer or anointed one; has high energy levels like a child, is highly sensitive and possesses a high sense of awareness. They are also gifted with a sixth sense.

Soothsayer is “one who tells the truth”, is another thing Francesca feels very strongly about even if it feels difficult or uncomfortable.

Francesca has listened to the session again and is ready to make some changes in her life as her Higher Self has advised her.